We provide a wide range of Services

We provide fast, affordable and best web services in Nepal. We can handle all of your software, web development needs. digital marketing, domain name & secure hosting. Our team of programmers and designers will give you a website that you will be proud of. We will always give a best quote on what will be done. No wasted cost. Communication is our key for a successful relationship.

We believe in inset you on the top by helping you design a unique features to which the users are attract. We have team of best designers who help you make a visually awesome website that is the right blend of graphics, text, slides. By making use of the updated techniques and tools our main aim is to help you get a web portal that is easy to use for the clients & the one that can help you get best business.

UI/UX Design

A website is the first point of touch between you & your client; therefore, indeed it has to be aesthetically grave so that it can enchain the clients. In advance to getting a good looking web portal there are other things like user-friendliness, features, quick upload time, easy access, and more that affect the signs of a best website.

We believe in inset you on the top by helping you design a unique features to which the users are attract. We have team of best designers who help you make a visually awesome website that is the right blend of graphics, text, slides. By making use of the updated techniques and tools our main aim is to help you get a web portal that is easy to use for the clients & the one that can help you get best business.

Our intention is to designs beautiful website that bring in customer certification. A beautifully designed attracts the clients & thus brings the our services on high label. Any website that lacks beauty & content does not attract attention and is thus ignored by users and client. So, we provide our client with best design that are aimed to market their products well without any compromise over the design of the website. We provide a design that would take your product to the client market. The fame of your company is never a factor when it comes to marketing a product.

We provide well design for your online application that would take you & your brand to the consumer world. We work with our customers at each level of web design to provide a web design of their choice. The final output is a custom web design that will be well combination of color, banner etc,

Nowa days lot’s of the companies own their own website. Out of these companies have websites that adds similar products. So, always require website that differs from their competitor with well design. This means that your product are noticeable only if you differ with good presentation style while promoting your product. Here we provide a custom web design that include certain basic conditions such as making the website easy to navigate & memorable.

We make use of domain names that your customers can easily memorize in relation to your product name. The web apps provides all the needed information regarding the products & services. Loading time is another factor we consider to avoid wasting the client’s time. A custom web design does not take long time to get loaded. Thus, the web apps are so well designed that a customer feeling good when visit 2nd time.

We are one of the best logo,Graphic design companies based in Kathmandu, Nepal, UK, USA offering professional logo/graphic creation services to multiple areas comprising of Fashion, Travel, Technical,, Medical, Gaming, Clothing, Dental, Food, Real Estate and many more industries. We work with a team of creators who introduce lovely corporate graphic elements for your web apps and website to build your brand’s online identity. Logo is one among the important aspects of business marketing. We believe that a well designed logo is a prominent part of overall marketing strategy of a organization. The group of logo makers and graphic designers at Neptrox provide customized development at cheap price to develop an effective identity with one among the absolute satisfaction in the market. We are the potential builders to help you out with new ideas to grab right clients for your business.

We work with a team of logo/graphic designers who are talent & experienced in graphic, logo creation & prove other tasks that mark the making of logo, picture, banners, ads, design and many more.

We appoint a detailed engagement model in logo design, which begins with a detailed understanding of the customer’s business proposition and brand value. At our Nepal based business logo design creative company, logos are not just a piece of art but a meaningful remonstrance of the brand in its entirety.

The first thing about any organization,company or any individual entity which make recognition among the customers is graphic design or your symbol which is unique itself & have an identity about your organization. Logo design can be any word, symbol, combination or graphic of all. A graphic logo represent your identity and show your uniqueness in the field in which you are working. Everyone does not remember the name of all the organization related to him but when any person saw any eye or unique catchy design it keep it in their memory & make an image in his mind.

Software Development

There are various software needs that a company might have that may not be catered to by any ready, single, available desktop as well as web application in the market. In such a case, it becomes important that a solution is specially develop/designed & drafted keeping in mind the needs of the client.

We have expertise in multi platforms & developers with years of experience over different domains ensuring robustness & trustworthiness of the software. we partner with you to offer technical support that meet your immediate needs & grow as your organization grows in future.

The customer support from experienced, skilled and trained manpower goes hand in hand with eminent technology solutions. We also offer vast range of services like Web Development, IT Consultancy Services, Support services and Implementation Services. We as a team of experienced & dynamic professionals will always make it a point to remedy you with top most priority.

Content Management System (CMS) allows expertly controlling & managing the content within your website. Using Content Management System the user can easily create, manage, edit, review, delete, publish & un publish the images and text content in a emphatically unified manner.

We offer extensive range of CMS development services stiff to the customers’s business specific requirements & needs. With our CMS service, the client gets a instant access, user-friendly interface & complete control over the content.

Our Content Management System (CMS) developers are empowered to offer CMS integration as well as customization services at every level of Content Management System(CMS) development which allows the user to update the information constantly on their site thereby leading to enhanced website traffic converting into a forceful lead. 

We work on & offer integration services as well as customization on these Open Source CMS:
  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • ZenCart
  • OctoberCMS
  • OsCommerce
  • DotNetNuke
CMS Development Benefits:
  • Easy implementation and installation
  • flexible, Secure & modular architecture
  • Easy to use & user friendly interfaces
  • No risk of suddenly breaking or damaging of the site
  • A global repository that enables easy access, archiving & reuse of content
  • Control access to data based on user roles
  • Can be synergic easily with other available extensions and back end software
  • Instant addition of formatted text, hyperlinks, images & email links
  • No software maintenance, installation upgrades required
  • Instant addition of hyperlinks, images, formatted text & email links
  • search engine friendly content
  • Streamlines content publishing process & follows a systematic workflow process
  • Content Management System (CMS) integration with advanced features instantly
  • Low cost & time
  • High reliability
Our Service Includes:
  • Custom Content Management System (CMS) Development & Integration
  • Custom Content Management System (CMS) Themes & Layouts
  • Developing Web Pages with CSS, HTML & JavaScript apps
  • Custom Programming, Layout Designing and Testing Content Management System (CMS) Functionality
  • Installation of Add-ons & Plug-ins
  • Integration of enhanced Security Controls
  • Fully Configurable Editors and browser based User Interface for organized Content

We use the best programming practices, structured framework programming, standards & coding guidelines.

As the technology advances & the programming landscape changes to accommodate the world’s growing technological requirements, we constantly evaluates the updated trends in the development. We enhance ourselves to provide our customers the best possible design and development solutions.

Some advantages of joining hands with us:
  • Strong, talented in-house team
  • No outsourcing for Custom Development Projects
  • 7+ years experience Team
  • Architectural Pattern and Structured Framework Development
  • Model View Controller (MVC) – Dissociating Program Actions and Logic from Design and Layout is an advantage that allows alternate interface designs and multiple that all use the same base logic and code, reducing testing time and development
  • Coding Standards & Guidelines
  • Clean APIs & code
  • Multiple browser compatibility
  • Strongly maintainable code
  • Maintaining Version Control System
  • User friendly Design and Interfaces
  • Load, performance and stress testing
  • Staying update with the latest technology


E-Commerce has completely revolutionized the process of online shopping & has transmute the way consumers purchase their services and goods online. It helps customers, sellers and end users to connect to each other isolated of their geographical existence and offers the right stage to endorse your services and goods online.

We provides e-commerce development solutions to the customers with the best development plans and software for their rare needs. We have successfully delivered customized e-commerce solutions to several types of businesses put in order from diverse industry.

We have a dedicated team of developers, expert consultants, and project managers to secure that our clients not only receive a successful development process but also a collaborative martial partner.

Our E commerce Portfolio & Capability includes:
  • Custom Ecommerce Web Portal Development
  • B2B & B2C Ecommerce Solutions
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Configuration & Installation of Shopping Cart Software
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Ecommerce Application Development
  • Ecommerce Shopping Cart Development
  • Extending the Capability or Adding Functionality of an Existing Online Store
  • To set up a B2B or B2C E-commerce Storefront that is completely customizable to meet your requirements
  • Portal development that enables quick sale of your goods to a global marketplace with duty, taxes, discounts, & shipping costs automatically calculated
  • Manage multi discounting & promotions schemes
  • One click management of online store via Admin Panel, a web based management area & much more

For small to medium sized organization, establishing an online existence to sell services or products is an absolute must to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Launching an online web store is one of the fastest & practically the good options for businessmans while initiating a start up. There are countless choices out there if you are thinking of install direct sales from your website. But however, as easy it has happen today to start a store; the more arduous it has become to choose the right ecommerce development platforms for obtaining certain growth.

New e-commerce development platforms are ever evolving to meet the needs of retailers who are entering this market space. Right from huge e-commerce business giants to small organization owners, everyone is turning to open source e-commerce development platforms either to save cost or to have higher control over their online existence.

We have expertise in these fields:
  • Magento Community Edition
  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart
  • osCommerce
  • Zen Cart
  • Spree Commerce
  • WooCommerce (WordPress)
  • VirtueMart (Joomla)
  • Drupal Commerce (Drupal)
  • Laravel E-commerce (Custom)

Web Application Maintenance

Maintenance of applications & website is as important as the development and design stage itself. The website require regular adjustments and checkups in order to improve the technical functions and also to update the systems, software and applications as per modern web trends. As some people do not consider application maintenance a major requirements, it is best that you rod to a regular maintenance plan. This is because if you shake maintenance to a later date, it may be too difficult and costly.In other words a small insouciance to maintenance could cost you a lot more in terms of profits and site traffic due to incompatible system and outdated Information.

Our Web Application Maintenance Services also include issue fixes, debugging, upgrades, programming, customer support, management of customers product data, interaction with partners & documenting all necessary reports.

Annual maintenance contracts are a cost-effective way to keep your website updated, effective & fresh. We have all types of AMC packages starting from the Basic package for Small businesses and companies, who require less monthly time but needs consistent care and Platinum package for large organizations requiring more time as 180 hrs per month.

Why a website require regular maintenance?
  • New Customer service
  • Customer Conception
  • Non maintenance of website generate doubt about your credibility to the visitors new ones
  • The standard life of a website page is around 90 days
  • Static web pages die very fast from lack of interest
  • To act in response to customer’s recommendations/remarks
  • To correct design & bugs problems
  • To amplify or/and perk up the design
What we offer:
  • Testing & debugging of web application
  • Manipulation & addition of applications
  • Updating website information & security measures
  • Addition & modification of content
  • Database maintenance & purging
  • Productivity analysis
  • Monitoring & real time management of web app

Data migration is the process that transfer data from one apps to other platform/application.

It requires:
  • Analysis
  • Extract
  • Clean
  • Validate
  • Load
  • Reconcile
How is it done?
  • After analyzing and understanding the setup of website, cleaning and extraction of data is done.
  • We will test all the migration steps at basic level followed by whole migration.
  • In third step, we will implement migration in steps using perfect methodologies.
  • In fourth step, testing is done using a testing framework.
  • The last correct data is loaded on the website.


Mobile Application Development

If you are searching to develop a mobile apps development for your company, organization or if you have an best ideas for a discovery, We, team of skilled designers and developers can build your plan.

Mobile application development is similar to Web apps development & has its original in more traditional software development. One critical difference, however, is that mobile apps are frequently written specifically to take advantage of the strange features a particular mobile device offers. For example, a gaming app might be written to take advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer. Mobile applications very reduce the enhance & complexity the creativeness of a business by allowing direct access to the critical company data, & that is the main reason why mobile apps to stay in tune with the emerging mobile technology trends.

Do you wish to mobilize your enterprise and business apps? Do you wish to optimize your existing mobile for best performance or wish to get an creative app from scratch? Need help? Talk to us!

We are Genius in developing fully customized mobile apps as well as tablet applications using various platforms including BlackBerry OS,Android, iOS, BlackBerry Tablet OS, iPhone, Symbian OS, iPad, S40 (Series40), Windows RT, Windows Phone, bada, Brew, SHR, web OS, Hybrid apps & more. No matter how complex your application requirements are, our mobile experts receive enough expertise to shape your application idea into the existence on the go.

 We Provide:
  • Cross Platform Mobile Apps
  • Location-based Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Social Networking
  • Mobile Gaming Apps
  • Entertainment & Multimedia Applications for SmartPhone
  • Backup & Restore Applications for SmartPhone
  • SMS Gateway Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Apps Porting Solution
  • Mobile Data Synchronization Solutions
  • Mobile Advertising Apps
  • Mobile VoIP Apps Solutions
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • HTML5 Mobile Apps
  • Web-based Mobile Apps
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Mobile E-commerce Solutions
  • Mobile Apps Testing and QA Services
  • Hire Dedicated Mobile Apps Developers

Searching for SMART iPhone apps for your SMART phones? Need help? Neptrox excel at making engaging and innovative iPhone apps that do not just add value to the life of the customers but also help you achieve your organization objectives & goals even if you do not have enough budget to spend on.

We have been in the iPhone application development since the day when the iPhone launched. Meanwhile, we have developed thousands of application for the iPhone. Our team of iPhone application development houses some of the world class app developers, designers & managers who have ability understand the customers’s transform their iPhone app idea and requirements into the reality.

Our iPhone Application Development services
  • Customize iPhone Apps Development
  • Cross Platform iPhone Apps Development
  • Location-based iPhone Apps Development
  • Social Networking iPhone Apps Development
  • Mobile Gaming iPhone Apps Development
  • Entertainment & Multimedia iPhone Apps Development
  • Backup & Restore Applications for iPhone
  • SMS Gateway iPhone Apps Development
  • iPhone Applications Porting Solution
  • iPhone Data Synchronization Solutions
  • iPhone Advertising Apps
  • iPhone Mobile VoIP Applications Solutions
  • Hybrid iPhone Apps Development
  • Web-based iPhone Apps Development
  • Native iPhone Apps Development
  • iPhone Apps Development for Ecommerce Solutions
  • iPhone Apps Testing and QA Services
  • Hire Dedicated iPhone Applications Developer

Your contender are leveraging from the customized Android Application. What are you execrating for? Getting the attention of a large number of Android mobile users is not an encourage and kids toy them to use your application adds further contractility! Do you wish to Face up with all such issues? Experts from us can help you cross all the hurdles in your Android application development even within the shrinking cost!

We have been in the Android apps development space since the day it was launched. This time, we have earned expertise in offering professional android apps development services based on your specific needs. Our Android developers and Programmers are madly in love with the Android OS & are well-aware about all the outs and ins associated with it custom Android application development.

Our Android Application Development Services
  • Custom Android Apps development
  • Android Apps Testing & QA Services
  • Location-based Android Apps
  • Native Android Apps
  • Gaming Android Apps
  • HTML5 Android Mobile App
  • Backup & Restore Android App
  • Android VoIP Apps Solutions
  • Mobile Advertising Apps
  • SMS Gateway Application Development
  • Hybrid Android Mobile Solution
  • Entertainment & Multimedia Apps
  • Web-based Android Mobile Apps
  • Social Networking based Android Apps
  • Android Based Mobile E-commerce Solutions
  • Cross Platform Android App
  • Educational Applications
  • Entertainment Applications
  • News Applications
  • Weather Applications
  • Utilities Applications
  • Business Applications
  • Travel & Tourism Application
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Geo Location Applications
  • Sports Applications
  • Gaming Applications

Digital Marketing

We are the Best Digital Marketing Company in Nepal having its base at Kathmandu. Nepal Digital Marketing has excellent and dedicated management & experienced team at manipulations. Management have almost a 20 Years experience in Marketing & IT field. We work on the deportment like identifying requirements, reform generating potential leads and branding for its customers & that too at best cost effective budget.

We offer organization specific customize, services them as per clients needs & the scenario of current market. We are working in various verticals like Travel, Finance, Education, Retail, Logistics and E-commerce etc. Nepal Digital Marketing provides complete digital marketing solutions to its clients from Search Engine Optimization,, Website Planning and Creation , Email, Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing, E-commerce Marketing, PPC Ads, Content Writing, Google Analytics to Online Lead Generation. Our all online activities are result oriented.

SEO, ultimate goal is to improve your site’s ranking and it’s stands for ‘search engine optimization’ It’s the process of generating traffic from the organic, ‘free’ ‘natural’ or ‘editorial’ results on search engines.

we stands to gain from the spacious chance that the Internet offers at your neutralization. The world’s most popular search engine, bing, Google, create over 90% of traffic today. the countless number of contending web app antagonist for the number one trail, only through strong Search Engine Optimization strategies can your web app hold up anti such sharp rivalry.

Every day, search engines are clean by millions of users ask services and products. Entertainingly, it has been observed that over 95% of those traffics do not merchandise beyond the top on search results. So, it is censorial for any business to ensure that its web app is one of those few being displayed on that first page.

We offer
  • Reporting/KPIs
  • Website Traffic Analytics
  • Link Building
  • Exclusive and Original Content Development
  • On Page Optimization
  • Competitive Investigation and Research
  • Website Review

SEO is a beguiler area in that one must not only provide an fine content but also ensure that it turns up quite exquisitely on the online when searched it. Therefore, the objectives is to deliver content that word an extended sham online. This is a challenging demands and work much skill and experience. Apart from being a writer, also have a sufficient knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. Our Search Engine Optimization content writers excellent in this specific area & are well furnished to meet the requirement of a enterprise with speed. A wide range of Search Engine Optimization content writing is offered tough to the unique needs of different customers. We offer services for our numerous customers.

If you need to increase your online presence on the web, you have to find great content with a best number of keywords. In this digitized yug, it is your web portal that makes the first impression on anyone or targeted visitor for that matter. However, Search Engine Optimization content writing is beguiler in the sense that even though there should be as much info as possible, a excess of words must be postpone at all. The text should be concise & precise without recanting on the fun part because an article that is only informative can’t viewer interest for long.

We offer
  • Our services are economical and affordable
  • Our team is hearty familiar with the concept of SEO
  • We don’t believe in settle on any aspect
  • Keywords are used only when not superfluous and required

Email marketing is the most preferred online marketing tool for company owners to circulate their sale, product launch, promotional offers to their users & prospect audience. The direct interaction with your client & sharing info, company news & promotional materials creates it a online marketing tool. Email marketing is must for you to grap your existing client & brought them back to your web portal if you are starting a new product, offering discount, clearance sale or festive offer. It is also the best way for building a sizable customer base and new customer acquisition.

Email marketing is the most successful online ads approach because it reaches client inbox which is the first social network for any people. Before searching for services or products on different platforms, people first like to have a look into their inbox for a related stuff they have been looking for. This is one of the main reasons why email campaigns prove to be effective. Also email marketing is an best marketing method accessible to every organization, be it on a large scale or a small scale, you can see the results in the measurable ROI.

Every companies preferring email marketing as an best tool for promoting business, many others have come to feel that email marketing service is more than just a passing fad. However, unfortunately your clients email email box are continuously overflow with a lot of useless spam and newsletters. Because of this many people tend to ignore even the important & relevant mails.

If there is a network around, your target possibility are probably there on it. However, as a businessman it can be confusing to adjudge which social networks can be profitable for your business & whether you should be Initiative social media marketing at all.

Our Service Include
  • Google+
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
We do
  • Publication, Management and Content Development
  • LinkedIn and YouTube SEO
  • Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter Advertising
  • Customized Partnerships
  • Social Media Content Optimization
  • Social Media Measurement
  • Community Management and Administration
  • Social Listening and Research
  • Social Media Planning and Implementation


Domain & Hosting Services

We are leading mediator between domain, hosting and SSLservice provider to customers for of web-presence solutions to professionals, small businesses, large business & individuals. We provide our clients a complete suite of products that help them establish and grow their online avail..

Domain name registration is a vital decision for any business planning to join the virtual amphitheater. A domain name is an exclusive address of your web portal through which it is found by your target customers. The process of buying a domain name is called Domain Registration. As a domain register mediator, We have 100’s of domain name registrations to its credit.

Web Hosting is a simple terms, enables your web presence to be accessible via the Internet. We provide web hosting services that are stiff to your specific requirements. Our deep knowledge as a hosting service, has helped us make scalable hosting service that promise unmatched value and exceptional performance. Our web hosting service is coupled with best-class technical support.

A SSL allows you to establish your credentials when doing transaction or other online business on the Web. You can present a SSL Certificate electronically to prove your brand or your right to services online or access information. If you are running a electronic banking website, virtual mall or any other electronic services web portals then customers may devote your website due to concerns about security and privacy. A server with its own Certificate assures users that the server is run by the company it claims to be affiliated with & that the content provided is lawful.